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Here, The Next by Lloyd

See im far from perfect
but with every verse spit, i try to bolster
and raise the BAR like a kid tryin to be a lawyer.
it's no facade to surface
against Audemars, fast cars, and pearls
when you try to get your voice heard, it's worthless
so i drop a gem off just like they oysters.
in this priceless fight
where you only get ur chance on stage
if the Price Is Right
cuz it's like, to write's a vice
you grab a mic and recite
of how you sold cane, dust, and hard white
living a hard life, god trife to save
the realest came, killed n slain if they stared wrong, from a guage
when all along, they wouldn't bear arms in a heat wave.
it's no shortage of songs about this
filled with dreams, surrounded with queens
on yachts and big houses.
it's all a scheme that comes out this
foulness, vultures pray on ur comming of age
and you can't do a damn thing about it.
cuz all of these pigs
push you till ur pulling ur wig
in a biz, where ur the Last Boy Scout like Jimmy Dix.
it is, all just a numbers game
you play it and get played fam
rarely do the numbers change
so what would i have to gain?
gather the world and lose my soul
why would i succomb to fame?
stuffed from reflux
bout to bust from the pain
it's tough to digest progress
when it's just more of the same
but mane, i guess...

"You could be here one day, and be gone tomorrow
Go quietly in the night, then the morning follows
If you peek inside my heart, you'll see more than songs
Why doesn't life have any consideration?
Man it's still one life, one love, one nation"
My version of Joell Ortiz's track "Here, The Next."
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July 9, 2008
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